Date: February 3 / Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Pakpod logoSteve Underwood is passionate about free diving and underwater film making, and searched for the perfect tripod for his work filming eco-focused documentaries. When he couldn’t find it, he decided to build it. He launched Deep Blue Design last year to invent Pakpod, a super-versatile, lightweight, anchor-able tripod. Steve chose Kickstarter to raise the funds to cover the costs of his first big production run, and a total of 1,058 backers pledged $123,937 to help bring PakPod to life.

Zootility logoIn 2012, Nate Barr launched Zootility Tools with a Kickstarter to manufacture his PocketMonkey wallet utility tool. More than 1,900 people backed the campaign, for a total of $27,550 to launch the super slim tool. Since then, he has run three more successful Kickstarter campaigns to add the Headgehog, Beer&Friends, and Wildcard tools to its lineup. Including the PocketMonkey campaign, Zootility has signed a total of 5,159 backers and raised $138,633 in funds on Kickstarter.

At this month’s PubHub, Steve and Nate will share their Kickstarter experiences with the audience (and each other).

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