PubHub #49 - Tim Ludlow of Vets First Choice

May 4, 2016 / 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM / Mechanics' Hall, 519 Congress St., Portland, ME

Vet’s First Choice rocketed onto the Portland business scene in 2010, and now boasts revenues in the eight-figures, a spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies, and a $52 million investment round in 2015. What does it take to manage the financial reins of a super-fast growing firm? Tim Ludlow joined Vet’s First Choice as CFO a year ago, and will speak at the May 4 PubHub about the financial planning required to make a successful start-up stay successful.


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Who will you meet this month? What will you learn?

PubHub is a unique event in the Maine ecosystem – smart people share their expertise in a casual format with no Powerpoint presentations or classroom setup. You’ll learn about how they got funding, how they grew their business, how they sold, how they staffed up, and many of the mistakes they made along the way. And you’ll get it all up close and personal.

You’ll meet people from all kinds of companies – the next great startup, the growing small business, and Maine’s biggest firms. Connect with people who have launched a bunch of companies, or meet the newest entrepreneur on the block. You really never know who you’ll meet at PubHub – that’s part of what’s so great. Connect one on one and make some super helpful new friends.

We have food and libations, but most of all we have ideas. We’ll share ours if you share yours – bring a friend and join us at PubHub.

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We’re always looking for help with PubHub. If you have a gift for wrangling name tags, like greeting people at the door, want to be in charge of icing down the beer or picking up the party platter, or are a champ at managing post-party cleanup, we’d love your help.

Maybe you have an idea for who should be the next speaker? Let us know. We ask that all speakers share business information that can be helpful to others – this isn’t the place for a sales pitch. If you know someone who wants to share their expertise, introduce us.

Just reach out to Alison Harris and she’ll be in touch.


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